The Glucose Goddess Method: Unlocking the Secrets to Steady Glucose Levels

Known as ‘The Glucose Goddess’ Jessie Inchauspé shares her personal motivation for exploring the connection between blood sugar and health on a recent interview with Dr. Mark Hyman on The Doctor’s Farmacy Podcast.

The Glucose Goddess Method: Unlocking the Secrets to Steady Glucose Levels with Jessie Inchauspe

Take Control of Your Blood Sugar: Embrace the Glucose Goddess Method for a Healthier You!

We live in a fast-paced and sugar-laden world that is hurting our digestion. Every day is a struggle trying to choose emotionally and physically satisfying food. If you’re like me, finding the perfect balance can feel almost impossible and not always worth the agonizing effort. If only there were a way we could enjoy our favorite sweets while regulating the unavoidable blood sugar (or glucose) spikes. The result would be better stress management and nervous system regulation, which we all need. Cue the Glucose Goddess 🙂 

I was excited to learn about Jessie Inchauspé in a podcast interview with the highly respected Dr. Mark Hyman. Known as ‘The Glucose Goddess’ Jessie Inchauspé shares her personal motivation for exploring the connection between blood sugar and health. Struggling with mental health issues, she discovered that balancing her glucose levels helped restore a baseline of health in her body and mind. Motivated by scientific studies highlighting the far-reaching effects of blood sugar regulation, she wrote the book “The Glucose Goddess Method” to provide readers with comprehensive knowledge and practical tools to balance their glucose levels.

In this post, I will share with you the enlightening takeaways and four simple but mind-blowing hacks I learned from their informative and inspiring interview.

The Hidden Epidemic: Pre-diabetes and Metabolic Health

Dr. Hyman starts the conversation by highlighting a startling statistic: 90% of people with pre-diabetes are unaware of their condition. He argues that the conventional criteria for diagnosing pre-diabetes are not strict enough, and the actual number of individuals affected may be higher than estimated. Pre-diabetes isn’t limited to overweight individuals; even those who appear thin can be metabolically unhealthy. This phenomenon, known as being “metabolically obese, normal weight” or “skinny fat,” underscores the importance of considering blood sugar and insulin levels beyond physical appearance.

90% of people with pre-diabetes are unaware of their condition.
Recognizing Symptoms of Blood Sugar Imbalances

Dr. Hyman and Inchauspé discuss common symptoms that can indicate blood sugar imbalances. These include cravings, fatigue, reliance on caffeine, lethargy, brain fog, inflammation-related conditions (e.g., psoriasis, eczema, joint inflammation), and hormonal irregularities. Recognizing these symptoms can serve as a cue to investigate one’s glucose levels and make necessary lifestyle changes.

The Glucose Goddess Method: A Four-Week Plan

Following the positive reception of her first book, Inchauspé noticed a common challenge among readers—getting started. Many individuals understood the science and recognized their symptoms but lacked guidance and support. In response, she developed the Glucose Goddess Method, a four-week plan comprising four fundamental principles for steady glucose levels. The method acts as a virtual guide, helping individuals kickstart their journey toward balanced blood sugar and improved overall health.

The Glucose Goddess Method Pilot Experiment:

Motivated by her community’s request for guidance, Inchauspé conducted a pilot experiment with 2,700 participants who were eager to make positive changes but lacked proper guidance. The four-week study involved implementing four simple hacks: a savory breakfast, a vinegar drink before consuming starchy or sweet foods, a veggie starter before a meal, and 10 minutes of movement after eating. Throughout the experiment, participants were free to maintain their usual dietary and lifestyle habits, aside from following the four hacks.

Understanding the Four Hacks:

Savory Breakfast:

The first week of the method focused on replacing sweet breakfasts with savory options centered around protein, fat, and fiber. Eggs, leftover grilled salmon or turkey, yogurt, or protein powder-based smoothies are all suitable choices. The goal is to minimize starchy elements and avoid anything sweet except for whole fruits consumed at the end of the meal.

Vinegar Drink: 

Adding a tablespoon of vinegar before a meal high in starches or sugars helps slow down the breakdown of starches into glucose. Vinegar’s acetic acid also prompts muscles to absorb glucose from the bloodstream and convert it into glycogen. By incorporating vinegar in various forms, such as water, tea, mocktails, or dressings, participants can mitigate the impact of carbohydrates and avoid blood sugar rollercoasters.

Veggie Starter:

In the third week, participants added a plate of vegetables at the beginning of one meal each day. This simple hack increases fiber intake, provides essential nutrients, and contributes to a sense of satiety.

Post-Meal Movement:Veggie Starter:

The final week introduced 10 minutes of movement after a meal, such as walking or light physical activities. This practice aids digestion, promotes blood sugar regulation, and encourages overall physical well-being.

Results and Participant Feedback:

The survey data collected at the end of the four-week experiment revealed remarkable results. Most participants reported reduced hunger and cravings, increased energy levels, improved sleep, and enhanced mental health. Additionally, significant improvements were observed in skin health, hormonal issues, and diabetes management. Importantly, 99% of participants expressed their intention to continue incorporating these hacks into their daily lives, highlighting the simplicity and effectiveness of the Glucose Goddess Method.

Juiced and zested orange on a kitchen counter.


I can’t say I’m ready to chug some vinegar, but I appreciate Jessie’s hacks, and the science behind them makes sense. Two of her hacks are especially appealing to me and I’ve already incorporated them into my routine.

I love how she explains the benefits of starting the day with a savory meal. I was definitely raised on cold cereal, which has been a staple in my household, raising six kids. But I have started making egg-based breakfasts to reduce the energy crash and burn produced by sweet, starch-filled cereals. Old cereal habits are hard to break without an all-out protest in my home, so we are gradually transitioning to incorporate this healthier habit.

I also like her hack of moving for at least 10 minutes after a meal to aid digestion and reduce glucose spikes. This is a practice I’ve already incorporated out of necessity for my digestive challenges. I find I have fewer air bubbles and can burp them up easier if I move around while finishing my dinner. It’s a great excuse to wash some dishes or test another recipe.

Jessie has a fun, youthful attitude in addition to rich academic and researched data. She makes her theories and instructions easy to understand and implement. You can learn more about Jessie Inchauspé and get your copy of The Glucose Method here. You can listen to the entire podcast interview with Dr. Mark Hyman here.

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