Do you struggle with anxiety?

Do you experience depression, fear of the future, feeling overwhelmed, chronic sadness, fatigue, irrational phobias, or mood swings?


If yes, they could be manifesting themselves in your digestive health.

Nicole Bonilla hugging her daughter

I’m a mother of six and business owner who wasn’t processing stress, trauma, and emotions. I worked harder, faster, and stronger to avoid them. After several particularly stressful events during the fall of 2019, my stress-reserve tank was empty, and I epically ‘broke’. I was stuck in a chronic “fight-or-flight” state and had painful inflammation throughout my digestive tract. I experienced intense bloating, IBS, and my anxious feelings were unrelenting.


We Are Meant to
Feel Vibrant Inner Peace

If the mind is powerful enough to cause inflammation and damage our bodies, I believe it has even more power to heal.

The good news is supporting our minds and our gut is within our control.

Improving one improves the other. Here are the resources that have helped me support my digestive and mental health and restore my inner peace.