Want to Feel More Peace & Calm with Anxiety-Taming Recipes?

It’s not your fault!

Our modern food system often relies heavily on processed ingredients, with higher levels of refined sugar, fats, and seed oils. This can leave us feeling depleted, especially when life’s stresses and anxieties are high.

Making healthy choices for gentle digestion can be even tougher during stressful times.

high stress

I Was Caught
in the Stress-Eating Cycle.

Nicole Bonilla hugging her daughter

Life threw a bunch of curveballs my way in 2019, and I found myself stuck in a cycle of stress-eating that was causing major digestive discomfort.

I knew I had to make a change. I started by focusing on limiting processed foods and added sugar, and instead opted for whole, natural ingredients.

It wasn’t just about the anxiety

I felt a shift in my overall well-being including a gentle tummy. My energy levels increased, and I felt a sense of calm and healing from the inside out.

And I discovered a world of exciting natural flavors and refined my healthy cooking skills.

Life Can Be Anxious, But Your Meals Don’t Have to Be!

That’s why as a creative healthy foodie, I’m sharing hundreds of delicious, easy-to-digest recipes made with real, whole foods.

Honey Garlic Pan-Seared Salmon in Hexclad Hybrid Frying Pan.
Bowl of Gluten-Free Panera Beef Tortilla Soup Recipe with ground beef, sausage, pinto bean, black beans, corn, tomatoes, cottage cheese, zucchini, green chilis, & lime.
Pan of baked strawberry oatmeal.

My treasure trove of recipes

are designed to nourish your body and promote gut health, which can contribute to a calmer, more balanced state of mind.

And be your ultimate stress-fighting tool!

Five Gentle Tummy Steps
to Feel Amazing!

Yes, it’s possible, and I’m excited to show you how!

Learn how to create satisfying, balanced meals packed with real, whole foods that give you sustained energy and keep cravings at bay. And you’ll find delicious, healthier alternatives to your favorite treats that won’t leave you feeling deprived—even if you eat gluten-free, dairy-free or grain-free.

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Don’t let another day slip by feeling drained and unfulfilled.

Invest in yourself and your well-being. You deserve to feel amazing from the inside out!

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